1 on 1 Appointments
Exclusive: Seminars
Annuity Vs. High Society

Yes you read that correctly. One on one pre booked, qualified, appointments in your office. These are NOT LEADS, they are scheduled appointments that are automatically booked in your calendar through an app we use that syncs with your schedule. This program works great to supplement your seminars OR for those that don't feel comfortable giving seminars, but still need to see more qualified prospects. 

Our seminars are Fresh New content that were built by actual high producing advisors NOT by mail printers. We have our own seminar topics that are things that no other mail houses are talking about, and it helps increase response rates because we are advertising topics that nobody else is. Additionally you get all of our presentations, and we even have training on executing best practices for your seminars.

Turnkey Wealth Transfer Seminar

This program puts you in front of the extremely qualified "Middle America" Prospect. You will have huge potential with the best Annuity and Managed Money opportunities that money can buy.


Turnkey High Society Seminar

In a Dinner setting our proprietary invite and presentation will speak to the Ultra Affluent prospect engaged in learning more about estate tax law changes and how life insurance may be an incredible option that no one else is talking to them about.

Wether you utilize our appointment setting program or our seminar systems, we have two main types of data that we target. 


Annuity Prospects: 

This demographic typically is more of a blue collar type prospect and the net worths are typically range between $500k-$1MM depending on area. We have tested and identified this niche to be the best to target when it comes to annuity sales. These sales are the bread and butter, and typically have a smaller time to close.

High Society:  This demographic is suited for more of an advanced advisor, and those comfortable with AUM/wealth transfer clients. The assets of these clients will exceed $3MM and we have had prospects come in with net worths above $80MM. These prospects can have a longer time to close, and a more complex sales cycle. 




We here at jackrabbit come from your side of the table as an advisor. We are founded by longtime successful advisors who were Fed up with the poor and in-consistent results from other mail houses in the business. We decided to create a marketing company built By Advisors, For advisorsWe started by reverse engineering the data to pinpoint the perfect clients, and make sure advisors are always in front of people that meet or exceed the criteria needed to generate a quality annuity or life sale. 


Our vision is to set out to create the highest performing marketing for Advisors that want to grow their business. We were fed up with the poor and inconsistent results of the competitors, and realized how much they were skimping on quality data. The flip side is we also know in order to grow a successful advisory business you constantly need to be marketing. We want to provide the highest quality results, and un matched service that gets you to feel like your campaigns are being looked after, because we truly care about your results. As previous advisors we know how it feels when campaigns don't perform well. We are constantly tweaking, and testing to develop new marketing strategies to deliver the best experience for our clients. So, wether its Seminar marketing, appointment setting, or digital ads we will have the edge on the market. 


We firmly believe we have the highest quality data in the business. Not only have we invested heavily in testing our data to make sure the people that are coming in are the quality we are targeting, BUT we also pay extra on every single list we pull because we use a proprietary blend of over 7 different filters. Those filters help reduce the amount of people that come through the door or attend a seminar that don't have the assets we are looking for.



Founded By Elite Advisors

NOT  by Printers.

We test all of our programs for success BEFORE we ever ask you to invest in them.

Results Driven by Superior Data. (we know for a fact its better)

Insurance on the performance of your campaign to protect your investment.

Seminar & Mail Content

exclusive to us, and up to date to enhance response

Boutique feel Customer Service (you're not just a number here).



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